Goody’s ranks first in the food and beverage category in Greece. The company was founded in 1975 and has been part of Vivartia conglomerate since 2006. Today, with over 160 stores in 8 countries, Goody’s has established itself as the uncontested leader of fast food restaurants in Greece and keeps expanding into new markets.
The company’s desire to redefine the identity of its fast food restaurant spaces that have established it as a recognized brand name in the Greek market, focusing on quality food ingredients while introducing a new menu.
Design Proposal
In response to the company’s brief, our intention was to combine the buzzing atmosphere of a grill house with the friendly feeling of a homey environment. As part of the new identity, we have proposed the re-naming of the brand, by adding the description “Burger House” to the existing name. Along with the rebranding of the logo, we have developed a new architectural concept that intends to change the customer’s experience and create a welcoming atmosphere, resembling to a home-made dinner with friends in a warm and intimate environment. The concept applies in all aspects of the restaurant’s space: configuration, materials, furniture, objects, lighting, signage. A detailed brand manual has been created, describing all the key elements that constitute the new Goody’s Burger House.
So far, we have designed numerous restaurants in Greece and abroad, reinventing the image of the company while encouraging more people to include them in their everyday routine. The revenue increase of the company, has been between 22%-30%. Today Goody’s Burger House holds a 21.1% of the Greek market share. The new restaurants, designed by our office, have been widely published in architectural and retail magazines all over the world.

Funky Casual Restaurant
Existing QSR chain
Scope of Work
Food & Beverage
Branding & Identity
Customer Experience
Furniture & Lighting Design
Interior Architecture & Design
Greece (26)
Australia (1)
French Republic (1)
Fyrom (2)
Kosovo (1)
Serbia (1)
Saudi Arabia (1)
Cyprus, Belarus, Albania, Malta

photography: George Dimitrakopoulos, Miltiadis Igglezos

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