Over its 20-year successful course, Flocafé has been a leader in the food service sector of mass catering with more than 90 shops in 5 countries and has been established as one of the most widely recognized brands in Greece.
We were asked to develop a new spatial identity for all Flocafé coffee shops, focusing on the quality and the variety of coffee blends offered. The company’s desire was to engage customers in the preparation of coffee, while making the experience of drinking coffee much more enjoyable.
Design Proposal
The new face of Flocafé stores whirls around coffee as a raw material. The colors, the scents, the origin of coffee as well as the methods of production, all are elements of inspiration for the renewal of the brand name of Flocafé that is incorporated both in the architectural design and the corporate identity of this established chain of coffee houses. The bar counter plays a central role in the new concept, becoming more open and attractive to the customers. Our intention was to lower the counter in height in order to provide full view of the coffee ritual in the eyes of the customers, while placing in the background large scale coffee silos and metal meshes with hidden lighting, creating a refined industrial setting. In accordance with natural materials, comfortable and cozy furniture placed around large tables, gather large groups of friends or bring together smaller groups, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
Our office has designed sevelar espresso rooms in Greece and abroad. Customer experience has altered, inviting more people to approach the bar and engage in the procedure, while introducing new ways to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, in high stools and comfortable sofas, in small on larger groups. Currently, Flocafe Espresso Room holds a 17.7% of the Greek market share.

Espresso Room (coffeehouse chain)
Existing chain
Scope of Work
Food & Beverage
Branding & Identity
Customer Experience
Customer Journey Planning
Furniture & Lighting Design
Interior Architecture & Design
Greece (14)
Bulgaria (1)
Czech Republic (1)
Hungary (1)
UK (1)

Photography: George Dimitrakopoulos, Miltiadis Igglezos

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